Bicycle Commuter Profile: Jason Ingargiola

Bicycle Commuter Profile

Name: Jason Ingargiola
Location: Lancaster, PA, USA
Started bike commuting: Spring 2005 then again in Feb 2011
Commute distance (one way): varies

Describe your commute: Some days, the commute is easy: .8 miles down the road on one major city street. Other days: 7.5 miles over rolling hills from the city, through farmland and out to a small suburban town. The longer ride is usually at 4am and the short trip is mid-morning.

Describe your bike and accessories: Converted my Tommasso Capri starter triathlon bike to a commuter: added a rear rack, pannier to carry lunch and a change of clothes, lights and front fender (could not get the rear fender to fit on the frame, still looking). Nothing flashy or special, just a simple bike to get the job done.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Ride as you would drive: heed traffic laws, red lights, stop signs. Stay off sidewalks if possible. Ride in a predictable pattern, always stay alert to your surroundings.

You don’t need really specialized equipment or clothes to be a regular bicycle commuter, just a willingness to leave your comfort zone!

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