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  • Eric Jenkins says:


  • David Bolles says:

    Nice! I enjoy the days when I get to ride to work, head from work to school via bus, then ride my bike home from school. Mad miles, mad smiles. :) Multi-modal.

  • Alan says:


    Capitol Corridor…

  • Tom says:

    If you need to commute with a laptop, but don’t want to carry it on your back and sweat through your clothes, check out PCYCH at It works great for me!

  • Dean says:

    I,m becoming a Google Earth-junkie! I looked at this pic and jumped-on and found it in about a minute! I then ‘oriented’ the G. E. image to reflect the pic exactly. This is fun for me. I was on it last night and literally “cruised” through it in one window, while I watched ‘rush hour bicycle commute in dallas’ Parts 1 and 2 (youtube), in the other window! don’t laugh, it’s fun!

  • kanishka azimi new england says:

    i’m still kind of figuring out the right mix of regional buses, regional trains, local transit, zipcars, bike. i think i need to use zipcars a little more for late night weekends, and for other off hours for transit systems. the part that bugs me about zipcars, is you can’t use them one-way. ideal world, a transit system + bike would take care of one leg of your journey, and zipcar + bike woudl take care of the other – if on an off hour.

    i have a medium bike distance commute. but lots of longer distance trips in the region to visit family, go out in the city

    i try to keep biking down to 6-14 mile trips at a time, just to have enough spare time to do other stuff in the day.

  • Pete says:

    Of course, multi-modal still depends upon having a transit option that goes where you want, when you want. Even then, working out the other parts of the equation can be tricky. Alan can bring his full-size bike on the train (IIRC?) so that helps a lot. Not the case everywhere (like all the NYC metro area trains!), but in those cases, a good folder will let you hop from train to bus to subway, even jump in a cab or car if necessary, and pedal anywhere else, as long as you’re within a few miles.
    I’m also stuck having to make trips beyond a few miles by car – often a case of can’t get there (safely) from here in my town – but I’m happy incorporating the bike as much as possible. It’s certainly not an all-or-nothing proposition.

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