SF Muni to Allow Folding Bikes Onboard

SF Muni

As of this week, folding bikes will be allowed on some vehicles in San Francisco’s Muni transit system. This is big news for San Francisco’s many multi-modal commuters who have long been barred from bringing bikes of any sort inside Muni vehicles. According to an article in the SF Chronicle, the bikes must be folded and they cannot be placed on a seat or block an aisle. They will be allowed on buses and street cars, but they are still banned from the historic fleet of cable cars.

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3 Responses to “SF Muni to Allow Folding Bikes Onboard”

  • Sean D. says:

    As a daily rider of the entire length of the N-Taraval line during commute hours, and an owner of a folding bike- I can’t imagine how this is going to work without causing huge problems. It’s a step in the right direction, but with the light rail vehicles configured as they are, large backpacks and suitcases are already a huge problem. Adding something as cumbersome, unwieldy, and large as a folded folding bike, or worse, more than one folding bike.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Wow, huge news for SF commuters, and welcome news. I expect to see Bromptons everywhere next time I visit. FWIW, when I lived there I occasionally saw people trying to sneak bikes on the N-Judah, but generally it didn’t work. Glad Muni finally came to their senses, even if it’s only for folders.

  • Sean D. says:

    … will only make things worse for the people who ride the MUNI or buses.

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