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We’re introducing a new ongoing segment today along the lines of our popular Bicycle Gallery. In this new area of the site, we’re inviting readers to share information about their commutes with the hope of encouraging others to consider bike commuting too. Please visit our Bicycle Commuter Profiles page for information about how you can participate.

7 Responses to “Bicycle Commuter Profiles”

  • Jay Epstein says:

    Something here is not working. I posted my profile but can’t see anyone else’s.

  • Alan says:


    These won’t be posted in real-time. In other words, I receive the form data in an email from which I’ll create the blog post, so there will be a delay in getting the entries posted. Since we’ve just introduced the new feature this morning, I’ve yet to have an opportunity to post any. Please check back later today.

    Thanks for participating!


  • Nico Forte says:

    Great idea! Now we can see and learn what other riders are doing in their bicycle use. Not just their particular travels, but what they’ve done to adapt to or overcome various obstacles. From different products to new practices.

  • Adam Allstar says:

    is there any way to opt out of these updates or put them in their own section? If not, no biggie.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Adam,

    Not really. There will be an initial flood after which they’ll slow down to the trickle, just like the Bike Gallery. I received over 25 entries today – I’m going to limit it to posting 4 or 5 per day so as to not overwhelm everybody’s RSS feeds.


  • Andrew H says:

    Hi Alan,

    I added a profile but didnt have any bike pics to hand, could they be added to the profile at a later date?

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Allstar says:

    Alan, no worries.. didn’t mean to come across as a grouch. I do enjoy reading the different profiles, but yes.. my rss was’a blowin up yesterday. S’all good!

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