Gallery: Ken’s Globe

Ken's Globe

Bought a Globe last year. I have made many changes to it. First I took off the fenders and the Cargo basket on the front of the bike. Then I added lights all around, reflectors on the spokes and top tube. Next I gave her better hand grips, a speedo, SPD clipped pedals and a racing seat from Specialized. Finally a rear rack, lock and bottle holder. The Nexus 8 speed is awesome along with the 2 pronged Swiss kickstand. Now I am ready to go anywhere.


4 Responses to “Gallery: Ken’s Globe”

  • Dweendaddy says:

    Not only fenderless, but fenders removed? On Ecovelo? Blasphemy!

  • Joseph Eisenberg says:

    What? You bought a special low-trail bike with a huge cargo platform up front, fenders, and swept back bars, and turned it onto a straight-bar hybrid? Why?

    You could have bought a hybrid to begin with and saved a hundred bucks.

    This is what that Globe Live looks like when intact:
    Better looking, and more useful.

  • Graham says:

    Joseph – Remember that not everyone really knows what they’ll end up using a bike for before they buy it. Myself, I wish I’d have gone with drop bars and wider tires, but I didn’t know that when I purchased it. So now I have trekking bars and squirrel around the many divots in the road. Ah, well.

  • Ken says:

    As Graham says, you never what you are going to get into when you get a bike. The front cargo rack was just in my way and the fenders were always just a little out of sync for me. And so it goes.

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