Momentum Mag’s Gear Guide

Goody Basket

Momentum Magazine’s “Goody Basket” gear guide is now available online.

Goody Basket

One Response to “Momentum Mag’s Gear Guide”

  • kanishka azimi (new england!) says:

    i liked this, this will probably be my default recommendation, along with surfing ecovelo, linus, breezer, civia, rei sites when people ask me for advice.

    my current train of thought on what makes the whole cycling experience approachable, maintainable is similar to the cycle-chic people – make it fun, make people feel proud and look good when they are cycling. i think swrve, outlier, dargelos, pedalier are helping expand the reach of bicycle commuting, giving more options for those interest in lycra-less options. of course they are expensive, but cheaper imitators will come. and the expense is well worth it to me, to support labor that is treated fairly

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