BTWD 2011 Commute

Bike to Work Day 2011

We couldn’t have ordered up better weather for our local Bike to Work Day. They’re forecasting blue skies and a high of 82F. We hope your Bike to Work Day is a lovely one too!

7 Responses to “BTWD 2011 Commute”

  • Randy H. says:

    That’s great for you! Ours is rain with a high probability of thunderstorms, which in oklahoma means hail and tornados possible. There are talks of cancelling all events :(

  • Alan says:

    Sorry to hear that, Randy! In years past we’ve had everything from scorching 100F+ heat to pouring rain – we just got lucky this year.


  • David says:

    I Biked to Work in the 70s. Overcast. Blue jeans and a shirt with a collar. On a 1971 Schwinn Suburban — five speeds!


  • bongobike says:

    They are forecasting thunderstorms for Austin, mainly in the afternoon and evening (60%). We’re going through the worst drought in Texas history, so I won’t mind if BTWD gets soaked.

  • Graham says:

    Sorry, what? I was too busy mentally comparing my work route to yours… I am literally green with envy at your greenway! Every ride must be like a little zen retreat. MAN!

  • Blake Justice says:

    I’m with bongobike – a small sacrifice for much needed rain.

  • Mike I. says:

    Today was perfect. Muuuuch better that yesterday, felt like I was riding in a wind tunnel. Unfortunately in the opposite direction.

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