Boulder B-Cycle Debuts this Week

The Boulder B-Cycle bike sharing system officially opens for business this Friday, May 20.

Boulder B-Cycle

2 Responses to “Boulder B-Cycle Debuts this Week”

  • Walter Enomoto says:

    Aloha Alan,

    What a coincidence? Hawaii is also opening it’s first B-Cycle location in the town of Kailua on the island of Oahu this Friday also!

    Check out for more info on this pilot project that was funded by the State of Hawaii Department of Health (using tobacco settlement fund monies).

    If all goes well with this first bike sharing program then maybe we’ll see something like this on the island of Maui. Got nice year round riding weather here….


  • Alan says:

    Hi Walter,

    Thanks for the heads up (another reader sent the same info too :-)). I’ll create a full post later today to bring attention to this program.


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