BTWD Attracts New Riders in D.C.

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Data from a 2010 survey conducted by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board and presented at a recent board meeting shows that Bike to Work Day (BTWD) in the Washington D.C. area does, in fact, encourage new bike commuters to give it a go. In 2010, 17% of respondents said they’d never ridden a bike to work before participating in BTWD. After participating in BTWD, 10% started riding to work regularly and 22% increased their level of bike commuting.

[via Cyclelicious]

3 Responses to “BTWD Attracts New Riders in D.C.”

  • Richard Masoner says:

    Though I enjoy Bike To Work Day, I’ve generally been skeptical of its effectiveness in getting more people on bikes. I’m happy to be wrong in this instance.

  • Pirate Velo says:

    Bike to Work Week here is Iowa is a pretty big deal. It seems to draw more and more people to commute on their bicycle instead of in their car. It would be great to see stats like you posted broke down by state.

    Arrrrr, ride your bike! – Pirate Velo

  • anniebikes says:

    It’s nice to see that this works in D.C. Here in Burlington, VT I get involved in BTW week at our childrens’ school and I think it helps tremendously. For all the wonderful postings that Velouria of Lovely Bicycle does, she vociferously disagrees (and quite convincingly so) with even holding BTW day or week. I believe it wouldn’t even occur to some people to ride to work if there wasn’t a designated day. Some folks need an incentive, others do not. To each his own opinion.

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