You Could Be In Danger

You Could be in Danger

I spotted this near my workplace in a window display at the Guess clothing store. I don’t know if it was a bad joke or the most epic fail in bike-build history (yes, that’s a fork mounted backwards with a front rack installed on the back side of the fork). The caption on the sign is almost too perfect for it to be an accident. The lesson? Support your local bike mechanic.

20 Responses to “You Could Be In Danger”

  • tom says:

    I think that’s actually a rear rack installed on the front…

  • bongobike says:

    LOL! That is both sad and hilarious. Reminds me of the time we went to Houston with my kid to check out Rice U. I saw more bikes in one day with forks mounted backwards than I thought possible. Does that say something about Rice?

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  • Phil says:

    That’s beautiful! If you look at Walmart-type circulars the bike pictures will occasionally have things like that too.

  • dustin says:

    Would that wheel hit the frame if it were mounted correctly? Scaring looking bike, beware…

  • Sam Joslin says:

    Man. Even the mistakes look good when you’re behind the lens.

  • peteb says:

    not backwards. aero!

  • Philip says:

    This reminds me of the “UK’s cheapest bicycle” (also happens to be the UK’s worst bicycle) for sale in Asda (a supermarket chain, owned by Walmart) which was regularly seen on display in-store with backwards forks. They even did it in their television ad – – what an absolute calamity

  • DT says:

    i wonder how that thing handles…and what the toe overlap is like

  • Jim says:

    “For that track geometry you’ve always wanted.”

    FWIW the scraper kids doe this all the time to be funky.

  • Alan says:


    “I think that’s actually a rear rack installed on the front…”

    I had a look as I walked by this eve. Turns out it is a front rack – the double struts form a loop with a single mounting hole for mounting on the front brake bolt.

    BTW – I stopped in and mentioned the issue to the workers in the store. They looked at me like I was crazy… :-)

  • Jim says:

    “BTW – I stopped in and mentioned the issue to the workers in the store. They looked at me like I was crazy… :-)”

    Were their heads turned all the way around too?

    BTW the Captcha thing wants me to make an umlaut. Gotta get me a German keyboard.

  • Giles Farmer says:

    Classic! According to GByGuess website, that is advertised as a “Men’s Cruiser” with a $399 price tag. Looks like good value to me

  • Cymba says:

    That front fender isn’t gonna do you much good either.

  • doc says:

    Sprung saddle, cushy tires, fenders, Hillborne orange…what’s the problem here?

  • Thor says:

    i kinda like it
    in my twisted sense ……


  • Roland Smith says:

    I’m voting for “epic fail”.

    Personally I wouldn’t buy a bike from an outfit that obviously doesn’t have a clue about how bikes are assembled. You’d basically have to take it apart and rebuild it just to be sure it was assembled properly. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the nuts and bolts are either loose or ridiculously overtightened.

  • Pete says:

    @Jim: “Were their heads turned all the way around too?”

    I bet they just wear their shirts backwards, for the same effect!

  • JaimeRoberto says:

    Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion.

  • Velouria says:

    Priceless photo : ))

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