Grist: Blumenauer’s Commuter Relief Act


Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) is introducing legislation this week that would benefit those who use active transportation and/or public transit to get to work. According to a recent article in Grist, the so-called Commuter Relief Act would “expand tax credits for individuals and employers to make it easier for commuters who wish to commute to work by bicycle, walking, carpooling, or public transit.”

Besides increasing the current bike commuter benefit from $20 to $40 per month, the bill would equalize parking and transit benefits while enabling employees to choose cash over an employer’s parking benefit.

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5 Responses to “Grist: Blumenauer’s Commuter Relief Act”

  • Bob P. says:

    Don’t fall for it. Once a bike rider signs up for for the public trough, the government now knows who they are. Then it’s easier to levy other taxes. Nothing from the government is free.

  • Luke Wilson says:

    Unfortunately these bills are only as good as the employers that support them.

  • Matti says:

    While I would prefer that we didn’t have subsidies for individual transportation, automobiles already have incredible advantage (tax benefits for oil companies, highway expenditures, parking subsidies, etc.). This legislation is trying to provide a little bit of balance by providing incentives for bike commuting. My employer chose to implement a bike commuter benefit program that is based on the original legislation introduced by Rep. Blumenauer and signed into law. I am able to claim $20 per month as a bike commuter. That $240 yearly pays for my bike maintenance, tires, etc. I thank my progressive employer for taking this step for us bike commuters. And I thank Rep. Earl Blumenauer for advancing improved legislation. It is a great feeling to have this kind of support for doing the right thing, and something you enjoy. To my way of thinking, it’s “the way it oughta’ be”!

  • John says:

    I have tried to use the basic $20 version and my employer will not sign me up for it (to much paperwork on their part to get a small tax break). While it would be of great benefit for me it is ultimately up to the employer if you can participate.

  • Andy says:

    It’s still anti-cycling to me. Drivers get $200 a month, and cyclists only get $40 with the new plan? How is that supposed to incentivize biking?

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