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  • michael says:

    I am always so jealous of your stable!

    After a few weeks of ripping my bike apart and regreasing/replacing parts, I think that I have identified a mysterious and maddening faint creaking as… the plastic rear fender rubbing against the frame…

    And seeing all your gorgeous racks makes me even more excited for the arrival of my custom Cetma rack (a HALFrack with removable fence).

  • msrw says:

    Hi Alan,

    Re the balance between your Riv and your Civia, it’s interesting that you have drop bars on the heavier-duty utility bike, and upright bars on the higher performance bike. I’m just wondering if you were to ride a century, which bike would you use?

    (P.S. In my experience, a two bike fleet, at least for road riding, with one bike designed for utility riding and one bike designed for performance riding, if chosen carefully, can pretty much cover the gamut of riding options–but it’s probably more common to have upright bars on the utility bike and drop bars on the performance bike.)

  • Alan says:


    Yeah, often times those little creaks are nothing more than little creaks… :-)

  • Alan says:


    For me, it’s not really about performance as much as hand positions. Both drops and Moustache bars provide multiple positions, so they’re nearly equal in that regard (though they differ in other ways).

    These days I don’t really ride for performance, and I don’t have plans to do a recreational century, but if I did, I’d probably ride a lightweight racing bike with drop bars. Because I have a bad knee, I manage my riding with the long term in mind (I’d like to still be doing this well into my 70’s if not beyond). Long, one day rides like centuries, etc. don’t figure into those plans because they wreak havoc on my knee.


  • Matt Hoek says:

    Hi Allan –

    Forgive me if there is a post about this already but can you please give me some details about the lighting configuration that you have on the Civia (1st pic) and the Surley? I’ve been struggling to come up with a good lighting solution for a couple of my bikes (one with Gamoh front basket/rack, the other with Surly Nice Rack).


  • Alan says:

    Hi Matt,

    The lights shown on both bikes are Fenix L2D flashlights. The L2D is an older model that has been replaced by the new LD20. Info here: . There are lots of really nice bike-specific lights on the market, but I like the high output, tiny form factor, and machined waterproof casings of these little flashlights.

    The brackets themselves are a part of the Pass & Stow rack. The lights are attached to the brackets using TwoFish blocks: They’re inexpensive and work great.

    I also move these lights to other bikes and use Paul Gino mounts on those bikes: . The light and TwoFish block are the same; only the mounting post is different in that set-up. You can probably adapt one or two Gino mounts to your racks.

    For batteries, I use rechargeable AA’s. I’ve had good luck with Sanyo Eneloops: I use a MAHA smart charger and rotate through approximately a dozen batteries:

    If I had only one bike, I’d probably use a dynamo (may still do that on the Bryant), but this has been a good system that allows me to move the lights around to different bikes depending upon where they’re needed.


  • MT Cyclist says:

    It was nice to see a picture of the LHT, once again. Where is it now?
    Is it languishing in some dark corner of the garage? Have you sold it?
    As much as I liked that bike, I also think the belt-drive Civia is the Cat’s Pajamas.

  • Alan says:

    @MT Cyclist

    It’s for sale. Looking to sell locally at this point. Basically waiting for the big bike swap meet coming up at the end of the month…

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