Holding Hands at the Bike Rack

Holding Hands

10 Responses to “Holding Hands at the Bike Rack”

  • Ira Kinro says:

    At the risk of sounding like an over the top bike nerd, that’s too cute. It’s my new desktop background.

  • Eddie Hurt says:

    Springtime. Romance in the air. Bicycle mating season.

  • Nicholas says:

    Somebody think of the children!

  • Rob says:

    I love it. Very adorable.
    (I’ve often wondered how people manage to use the super-mini u-locks. Maybe like this?)

  • Teemu Kemppainen says:

    I can’t understand how you manage to keep your bikes so clean – very little rain or mud over there, I guess.

  • Lars says:

    So, the thief only needs to cut the bigger U-lock to ride off with both bikes? ;)

  • David says:

    Very nice. Anybody know who makes the bottle cage on the left hand bike?

  • Alan says:


    That’s a Nitto Touring cage.


  • RI Swamp Yankee says:

    How on earth do you keep your locks looking brand new? Mine are the first part of the bike to get scuffed, grungy, greasy and shabby.

  • dean says:

    Yes, Ira, that’s TOO CUTE! This picture spoke clearly before I had a chance to read it! Great!
    (Lars needs a girlfriend)

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