Illinois Now Tracking “Dooring”

According to a press release issued by the Illinois Government News Network, Illinois is now treating “dooring” collisions as traffic crashes. Police departments across the state are now required to write up dooring collisions on Illinois traffic crash forms to better track these incidents. The data will be used to identify problem areas and help develop solutions including road improvements and public outreach/education. Prior to this change in policy, dooring collisions were not tracked because a moving motor vehicle was not involved.

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7 Responses to “Illinois Now Tracking “Dooring””

  • Ira Kinro says:

    This happened to my son a couple weeks ago. The police recorded it as a traffic accident, but there was no citation for the door opener. I would call that inattentive driving, but that’s just me…

  • Garth says:

    Good follow up to the recent share the road law in Illinois.
    Unfortunately, the share the road law seems to be receiving little police attention so far, from what I’ve seen so far, at least in Peoria, IL.

  • Molly says:

    I was doored in Minneapolis years ago. The driver (doorer?) was uninsured and had false papers. I had lots of bills from a broken wrist and a concussion. Nowadays I keep an eye on parked cars, and assume every single one will get me. I try to keep a safe distance, which puts me farther into traffic, but that feels safer. Ride defensively.

  • Don Bybee says:

    In California the law says it is illegal to open your door into the path of an oncoming vehicle. That does not necessarily mean everyone would be sited though.

    I teach my urban riding students that the best way to not get doored is to not ride in the door zone in the first place. If the lane is not wide enough to pass the parked cars with 5′ clearance, and have cars in your lane pass you with 3′ clearance, then take the lane and control it till you are past the obstruction. Do not rely on being able to see whether or not anyone is sitting in the car.

    Sacramento, California

  • Evan says:

    This sounds very promising, especially when they say that they will look at the statistics and consider improving roadway designs. Hopefully bike lanes will be moved out of the door zone, where too many are put.

  • Daniel M says:

    I got car doored a few moths ago. I was riding on a busy, narrow street looking to my left in order to make a left turn. When I looked forward, I had drifted very close to the parked cars and I watched as a door opened slightly and caught my handlebar.

    I went down to my left; landed on my hip and rolled onto my back. No major injuries, dropped chain was the only bike damage. I wasn’t really all that mad at the driver but I suggested he use his mirror before opening his door.

    Ever since then I’m physiologically incapable of riding within a door’s width of cars. I am much more likely to take the lane than before. I simply can’t let that happen again.

  • Old Knotty Buoy says:

    Hello Bikers,

    Here in San Diego, CA we just had a cyclist badly injured by being doored. The rider was on a major avenue that is narrow and rutted with pot holes. He wasn’t wearing a helmet which might have mitigated the head damage but who knows? I hope our local governments take this type of accident seriously and work hard to improve the biking infrastructure and driving public’s awareness of biker’s rights.


    Ride well and be safe out there!

    Old Knotty Buoy

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