Bike Sharing Coming to Boston

Nice Ride Minneapolis
Nice Ride Minneapolis (Another Bixi System)

Boston can soon be added to the growing list of U.S. cities with bike sharing programs. Coming in July of this year, the “Hubway” system will initially feature 600 bikes spread among 61 stations, with plans to grow the network out to as many as 5,000 bikes and 300 kiosks. The system will be managed by Portland’s Alta Bicycle Share with bikes and kiosks being supplied by Montreal’s Bixi.

Hubway will initially be funded by grants and donations, with corporate sponsorships and rental fees covering ongoing operating expenses. Memberships will run $5 per day or $85 per year. Similar to other bike sharing programs, the initial 30 minutes will be free, with charges accruing for longer rides. Developers of the system expect upwards of 100,000 trips in the first year.

Alta Bicycle Share
Bixi System
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4 Responses to “Bike Sharing Coming to Boston”

  • Apple A Day says:

    Woo hoo! I’m from Boston and I am so very glad to see a business like this coming to my city. Great for bike commuters, tourists or just people doing errands. In my recent travels to new Orleans I was struck by how much more convenient a hop on/hop off bike rental service would have made getting around.

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  • dominic furfaro says:

    To Apple a day::I was in New Orleans in December and I would have loved to ride any bike in the French Quarter and beyond. Like Boston,a trolly ride or walking around in NOLA is pretty easy and relatively car free. Being from Minneapolis, the latest news is the annual membership fee for NICERIDE has been reduce if you buy before May 31st and it’s just $40 dollars for the season. Pretty good deal. I think that price is the lowest in the WORLD!!!!

  • Beth says:

    I’m in Boston, and I’m so happy the bike share is finally here. Thanks Alan for posting.

  • Le Trampleasure says:

    I’m on a trip in France for a week, and was able to rent a bike in Avignon last Sunday. I only had it for 30 minutes, but it’s amazing how much more of a city you can see on a bike than on your feet. Here’s a silly short clip of me riding:

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