Tuesday Morning Commute: Spring Storm on the Horizon

Spring Storm on the Horizon

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  • Jed says:

    Are you hauling a computer monitor on your porter rack?

  • Lee Trampleasure says:

    Out here in California, folks thought our rainy season was over. But I didn’t take off my fenders. Glad I didn’t.

    The weather in in the SF Bay Area complicates the fender removal question. I tend to not take my fenders off, even though I’m not likely to need them between May and October. Partly it’s because I’m too lazy to go through the hassle, partly it’s because I’ll forget to put them on before the first rain, partly because they don’t really weigh that much anyway, and partly because if I tour during the summer I may end up someplace with summer rains.

    I’m curious how many people remove their fenders during the non-rainy season?

  • Alan says:


    I’m a year ’round fender person. I haven’t owned a diamond frame bicycle without fenders since around 1985 when I quit mountain bike racing. Even though it doesn’t rain all summer here, there’s plenty of water on the road from lawn watering and agricultural runoff. I also ride my commuter off road often enough to want protection from dirt and rocks.

    You’ve got me curious now, so I’ll follow-up with a post and poll to get an answer to your question.. :-)


  • Alan says:


    Ha! I guess it sort of looks like that. I gave up hauling around the CRT a long time ago… ;-)

  • John Ferguson says:

    Last year I took my fenders off in June and put ‘em back on sometime in December when the rains came back. I’ll probably leave them on all summer this year because I’m just too lazy to repeat the cycle. It wasn’t weight for me, but the noise of rattling plastic.

    I have a question for the fender pros on this board. I’ve got the Planet Bike cascadia fenders which provide great coverage and were reasonably priced and they look nice, stainless steel hardware, etc. But they rattle. Especially on bumpy roads and trails. I don’t like the rattle. Do you have full fenders that won’t rattle when riding on rough surfaces? For my next commuter, I may have to explore my options..

  • tim says:

    I have a set of fluted honjo fenders that don’t rattle a bit. If you snoop around the peter white web site you’ll see some nice tips on use of nylon spacers etc that help keep rattle to a minimum.

  • Alan says:


    “Do you have full fenders that won’t rattle when riding on rough surfaces?”

    It’s counter-intuitive, but I’ve found that properly mounted metal fenders are typically quieter than plastic fenders, probably because they’re stiffer.

    In my experience, front fenders tend to be noisier than rear fenders. If a rear fender is making noise, it’s typically at the brake bridge. A rattle there can often be quieted by squeezing the fender bracket with a pair of smooth pliers to more securely hold the fender.

    If a front fender is rattling, it’s usually the lower stays swinging back and forth and contacting the tire. If this is the case, the usual fix is to secure the front of the fender. This will require installing a small rack over the fender, then securing the front of the fender to the rack (see below). This prevents the side-to-side twisting that causes the stays to contact the tire.

  • John Ferguson says:

    @Alan and @tim, thanks for the tips. When I installed the cascadia fenders I noticed the rear brake bridge mount needed some customization so I stuffed some folded up sandpaper in the gaps – works like a charm and if I need sandpaper on a ride I always know where to find some ;). I believe most of the rattling is coming from the rear fender but I could be wrong. I agree that the plastic is a bit flexy, so I’ll consider a pair of metal or wood ones next time I go fender shopping.

    @Alan’s love of front racks is well known but I’ve never heard them justified as a fender mounting point. That’s a new one..

  • Rick says:

    @Alan, On a separate note. The email notice for your site stacks the articles with the most recent first. I tend to scroll to the earliest one and enter the site there and the work my way forward to the most recent. It is not a big deal but it would be easier if you could list the articles with the oldest first so readers can just select the first item to enter the site. Maybe i’m the only one who reads your blog in that manner. Just a suggestion.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I gave over my email notification duties to Google’s Feedburner a while back. The format is cleaner and the service is more reliable than what I was using before, but I no longer have control over the order of the posts within the notification email. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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