Gallery: Jeff’s GT Outpost

GT Outpost

[Jeff sent us this photo of his GT Outpost. —ed.]

Let me first start by saying I absolutely love ecovelo I visit multiple times a day. I Stumbled upon it a couple of months ago and it has inspired me to build up an old frame I had been holding on to. I bought this ’93 GT Outpost from a bike shop when I was 12. This is my first build. A lot of the parts have been reused from my spare parts bin. There are a lot of things I still want to do to this bike… It is very much a work in progress. I would still like to get a Brown B17 with matching Brooks grips, Fenders and appropriate tires. I ride just about every day, but I am only able to commute on Thursday and Friday due to the day care stiuation with the kids.

Thanks for the Site!!


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  • John says:

    I enjoy reading about re-purposed bikes. I am interested in the drive train on this bike and what Jeff did?

  • Jeff says:

    Hi John,

    Currently I have it set up single speed. This is my first experiance riding SS. I set it up this way because it was cheap and I wanted to get the bike up and running. I had the XT crank and bought a single speed kit which included spacers a cog and a chain tensioner. I started out with the 32 tooth Chain ring and a 16T cog but found myself spinning out consantly. So I switched out the 32T for the 44T chain ring. This gearing is better but not Ideal. Eventually I plan on running it geared but I am unsure if I want to run 1×9, or get an IGH. My other dilemma is how much do I want to spend on this thing….. I mean It’s a 93 GT ;)

  • Pete says:

    Nice. I have a ’89 or ’90 GT Karakoram that I used as a commuter until just a few weeks ago. It is a good bike, although mine had a rear U-brake that I didn’t like too much. I think it will make a great base for an Xtracycle some day. Also, the purple and blue splatter paint job made it virtually theft-proof?
    Did you paint your bike, or it that the original color?

  • Jeff says:

    LOL! Yeah I don’t know what they where thinking with some of those paint jobs from the early 90’s….. I had the frame sand blasted and painted at a bump shop in town. It took a week and cost $100.

  • RI Swamp Yankee says:

    Man, I love the look of the early Mountain Bikes, especially with modern wheels and nice, fat slicks. The shiny Mary bars and stem, the canti brakes, the horizontal top-tube – this bike is tight.

  • Micheal Blue says:

    Jeff, you bought it when you were 12 and you still fit the bike? Wow.

  • Jeff says:

    WOW! Thanks for the compliment Swap Yankee!

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Micheal,
    Surprisingly enough it does still fit. If I used the original stem it would fit perfectly The original stem had a steep angle giving it a very upright position and looked totaly dorky. I wanted to give this bike a sportier look and use silver compenents. so I swapped it out with a 70mm stem off of an old Schwinn le tour. This has made the cockpit a little less roomy, but that was my only other option and I think it looks better. Eventually I would like to get a 90mm or 100mm Nitto Technomic so I can stretch out a little. I could probably use an off set seat post too….

  • Brian Daniels says:

    Nice bike. Simple and cool!

    I have an old steel GT that’s I’m accumulating parts in order to rebuild it. It’s been used as my winter bike for a few seasons and it’s just time. Keeping mine 21 speeds though. You’ve got me thinking of doing a respray as well.

  • Jeff says:

    Thanks Brian!

    Respray it! it will breath new life into it. It’s like getting a brand new frame. Good luck on your build and make sure you post some pics!

  • Climb Aboard Tim Hetherington | says:

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  • Brian Daniels says:

    I’ll post some pics before and after. New fenders , friction top mount shifters, and a dual kickstand just arrived from Rivendell yesterday. I have some Nashbar trekking bars and a new set of wheels with LX hubs in wait as well. Thinking of going with red oxide primer with a semi gloss top coat and painting the front and rear racks to match.

  • Jeff says:

    Nice! I can’t wait to see the pics!!

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