Gallery: Eric & Laurel’s Winter Bikes

Eric & Laurel's Bikes

[Eric & Laurel sent us these photos of their winter bikes. —ed.]

It’s spring here in Edmonton Alberta, but that means a 10 degrees below freezing in the morning, and 10 above in the afternoon. Melting snow means solid ice at 6am, deep puddles at 4 pm. Also means the winter beater bike is still in use, with spike tires.

The wife has a Miele outfitted with spike tires, and one functional front chainring as the deirailleurs freeze up. She was looking to put an internal hub on it, but carbon forks ruled out that.

Eric & Laurel's Bikes

The Brodie Section 8 is both a cargo hauler and a commuter bike for the winter. I do a paper route in the early morning, then remove the trailer for a 7 mile commute to my main job after that. I need the weatherproof nexus internal hub and the drum brakes. The handle bar mitts are essential for keeping the hands warm, and protecting the brake levers and shifters.

We live in Edmonton Alberta, across the river from downtown Edmonton. The photos are taken on the bike path in front of our high-rise.


3 Responses to “Gallery: Eric & Laurel’s Winter Bikes”

  • John Ferguson says:

    And I complain when the temperature drops below 40 F. Wimpy Californians..

  • sherrill says:

    Love the set-up! Recently I have been giving some serious thought as to purchasing a trailer for my bike, so that I can haul my groceries back from the store which is just two blocks away.

  • Eric Jenkins says:

    The trailer is great – can basically hold what a large shopping cart can. Handles 100 lbs of groceries or newspapers easily. But it basically stays on the bike now – taking it on and off is a bit of a pain with the panniers in the way. A lot of people go for the singlewheel ‘Bob’ style trailers, but I find the two wheels more stable and balanced.

    The wife is getting a Burley Travoy soon, which comes on and off much more easily, although can’t hold quite as much heavy stuff.

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