Gallery: Brandon’s Civia Bryant Tiagra

Brandon's Civia Bryant
Brandon's Civia Bryant

[Brandon sent us these photos of his Civia Bryant. —ed.]

I’ve recently sold both of my cars, and:

  • built 150 sq/ft of raised beds for gardening;
  • bought lots of handtools for the newly opened up garage space;
  • purchased a Surly Bill to grab big loads at the hardware store or grocery store; and,
  • bought a new Civia Bryant!!

I LOVE this bike. I needed something that could do it all, in any weather, and still be used to errands and possible over-nighters before a MTB race (which the Surly Bill will also be set up to carry – my MTB race bike, tent, gear). It’s partly why I went with the Tiagra build. I couldn’t see myself trying to haul 100+ pounds of stuff on the 8-speed hub. I needed a wider range.

I told the owner of Carytown Bicycle Company in Richmond, what I was looking to do, and he suggested the Bryant. He loves his. I also went with SKS fenders, a VO porteur rack, Brooks B-17 saddle, and used my old Topeak rear rack and Princeton Tec lights from the old commuter bike. Braden of CBC went ahead and set it up with larger disc brakes, knowing the loads that I wanted to haul.

This bike is perfect for having a daily commuting, do-it-all, reliable, rig.

On another topic, I’m the captain of a newly formed cycling team called The River City Cycling Collective. We’re mainly an off-road race team, but myself and a few more members are daily commuters, and we’ve adopted a passion for more advocacy and awareness in commuting by bike. I’m in talks with the local police department about having a “Bike Rodeo”, showing kids and parents how to safely commute, ride on the streets, and overall bringing more awareness to the cause. I’m also close to purchasing more “Share The Road” signs direct, and having the county put them up for us. This coming weekend, we’ll be doing our part cleaning up part of Route 1 in Richmond, VA, as our adopted highway.

Love the site. Keep posting those beautiful photos!


6 Responses to “Gallery: Brandon’s Civia Bryant Tiagra”

  • Braden says:

    sick bike man!

  • Micheal Blue says:

    Congrats, Brandon. Very nice bike. I find it fascinating that people can ride comfortably on bikes with the seat way up above the handlebars. Doesn’t it put too much pressure on the arms/hands? Are the wheels strong enough to handle so much weight? Doesn’t it put too much pressure on the groin area, as well?

  • Brandon says:

    @ Michael: when the bike is level (the kickstand isn’t down), the saddle is about 4″ lower. It’s a funny looking angle I suppose. Overall it’s a super comfy ride. Considering that I have the option of the drops or the hoods, I can be either tucked down into a headwind, or pretty darn upright. I don’t know that this is that extreme of saddle height?
    The wheels seem pretty tough. No problems with them so far, and I can’t imagine there being any in the future. I don’t think Civia would spec wheels on a utility bike like this if they couldn’t carry a load.

    @ Braden: thanks for the build and suggestion on this rig. I’m very pleased with it.

  • voyage says:

    A Brooks, a cable lock, and (OMG!) a unicrown fork. You’re making people fret, Brandon.


  • tim says:


    Sounds really exciting to sell the car and get the garden fired up. I envy you.

    As to your other enterprise, good luck. We did the same a few years ago to help organize RivRides and mixed-terrain in our area of KY/IN. You can take a look here (notice the similarities):

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