Gallery: Walt’s Trek District Carbon

Trek District Carbon
Trek District Carbon
Trek District Carbon

[Walt sent us these photos of his Trek District Carbon. —ed.]

Many years ago I had a Ross single speed and I loved the looks and simplicity, but the frame was very heavy (as a matter of fact so was every component on the bike). I eventually gave it away to a good home, but I always thought if I could buy a single speed street bike that was light, it would be the ideal machine for me. Now that I’m almost 60 and had a year off triathlon competition from a torn Achilles, I spent the time researching for that light single speed. I found it; a Trek District Carbon, a single speed carbon frame with a carbon belt drive weighing 15.5 pounds stock. After modifying it for my needs it now weighs just 14 pounds. I always wanted a Brooks saddle so I added a Swallow Titanium with a D-shaped bag. I did not want drop bars so I use Mary bars with Paul’s brake levers. The seat, bag and handlebars give the bike a retro look. The most amazing thing on the bike though are the wheels. I replaced the stock wheels with White Industries hubs and HED Belgian rims. The wheels roll so freely it almost feels like I have a motor. I use the bike for workouts, cruising with my wife, and riding to a grocery store at the end of the Earth (it really is, you should see it).

Thanks for your site, the photos are beautiful, and the reviews really helped me select my bike and components.

Coral Springs, Florida

13 Responses to “Gallery: Walt’s Trek District Carbon”

  • David says:

    More Space-Age than Retro, but really nice!

  • Don says:

    Back to the future! That thing looks like it could be propelled by thought.

  • jdmitch says:

    I heard somewhere about someone being able to swap wheels on a Trek Carbon… nice. Congrats!

  • Aaron says:

    Beautiful bike until you get to the handlebars. There are many bars out there that would look way better and still be comfy…

  • Walt says:

    Thank you for the kind comments and suggestions. The handlebars have been a challenge. I originally had a carbon flatbar ( an FSA SLK that looked great) but it made my hands go numb in about five minutes. The Mary bars helped a lot and I like the more upright position and sweep to the bar. Ultimately I would like to go with a carbon bar of some kind. Ragley has a black bar called a Carnegie but it has a huge red logo that I don’t think can be removed (emails have gone unanswered). Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Molly says:

    I actually like the look of the handlebars. Beautiful bike!

  • Josh Mitchell says:


    You might consider a flipped Soma Sparrow like I’ve got on my Soho S

  • Brian C says:


    Try a fat black Sharpie to get rid of the offending logo.

    Rock on!

    -Brian C.

  • Kevin Mulcahy says:

    If only it had rack mounts and a Ti Tubus Fly rack. I love it!

  • joe says:

    If I moved all the parts off my Raleigh Alley Way and put them on this frame, I “might” be able to get it under 40 lbs. :) Beautiful bike!

  • James Fisher says:

    Is this the one I drooled over at my LBS (Milltown Cycles last month. Absolutely a beautiful bike! You should try the Soma Sparrows. I put the 490’s on with Crane Creek bar end brake levers on my SteamRoller. Won’t be going back to the Surly open bars anytime soon.

  • Walt says:

    Thanks again for the suggestions and the nice comments. The Sharpie is a good idea, I used it already on my bar end plugs but I hadn’t considered covering decals. I love the looks of the Alley Ways (this blog has some gorgeous pictures of their release). I will check out the Soma Sparrows. Yes, Ben built this bike and my Karate Monkey. He has such a love for bikes and his advice on what works is the best.

  • lopek says:

    I’m in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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