A Tale of Two Moustaches

Two Moustaches
Two Moustaches (Riv in foreground, Soma in background)

Road Moustache
MTB Moustache

Rivendell/Nitto RM-016 Moustache
Material: Heat-treated 2014-T6 aluminum
Clamp: 26 mm
Grip: 23.8 mm
Width: 515 mm
Drop: 58 mm
Weight: 349 gm

Soma 3-Speed Moustache II
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
Clamp: 25.4 mm
Grip: 22 mm
Width: 540 mm
Drop: 35 mm
Weight: 320 gm

The Rivendell/Nitto takes road levers and fits a 26.0mm Italian road stem, the Soma takes mountain levers and fits a 25.4mm mountain/hybrid stem. The Soma is not unlike an upside down North Road, whereas the Riv has softer curves that are more reminiscent of a traditional drop.


4 Responses to “A Tale of Two Moustaches”

  • doug in seattle says:

    The Nitto is a much more elegant bend. I assume it is also much more expensive than the Soma. I think the Soma is actually quite unattractive – like it would be OEM on a cheap bike.

  • voyage says:

    To me, in this context, it’s all about reach to the brake levers (which brings up cockpit sizing and bike purposing). What if one puts the brake levers on the Riv back and underneath on the grips, just ahead of the bar end shifters? Is there room? I’m *not* suggesting that the comparison of the bars is invidious or irrelevant, only that there are many variables to play with in personalizing a bike. I think the two bars are pretty much the same in that sense. To me the revealing comparison is to compare either of these bars with the “flat bar” bars that are standard on hybrid/commute/util bikes made by the big manufacturers, even if they have slight rise and sweep.

  • HowardBollixter says:

    I agree about Voyage’s brake lever comment. When I ride a flat bar, having the brake levers set in line with a fairly straight wrist seems most ergonomically comfy, and little range of movement is necessary for fingertips to quickly reach the levers. Hands on a moustache bar in braking position seem to be at about the same posture as hands on a flat bar, yet the brake levers are invariably tilted up and forward, further away from the fingertips and require a substantial bend in the wrist for access. Isn’t this uncomfortable, and also less efficient, slower to access in emergency braking? I haven’t actually ridden one of these, just fooled with them in the bike shop, so maybe my theory is all full of bean dip.

  • Link Dump says:

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