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Calhoun Cycle has the largest selection of bike bells I’ve seen – they currently list 28 models to choose from! To help sort through the selection, they’ve created an audio/video page where you can watch/listen to each bell in action. Fun stuff!

Calhoun Bell Page

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  • Pete says:

    I didn’t see my favorite – the basic black Incredibell.
    I have this bell on my commuter and it’s great – small, discrete, very loud, and easy to set up next to my left grip so I can ring it without moving my hand from the grip.
    Now, if I could just get the pedestrians to take off their headphones…

  • bongobike says:

    They also have a great selection of mirrors– most of them modified Mirrycle mirrors with different kinds of mounts.

  • Lee Trampleasure says:

    I was just thinking on my ride in to work today that you should do a post on bells :-)

    I, like bongobike, have an increibell. I ride much of my commute on shared bike/ped/dog path, so being able to let folks know I’m coming is important. I like the incredibell for its simplicity, as well as the ease of creating a gentle “excuse me, I’m coming by you” ring or a “get your damn dog under control” one.

    I’d reserve the air horns for heavy traffic.

  • Mike T says:

    Another vote for the incredibell. I do love the sound of brass, though. One for each thumb. Air zorn for homicidal taxis and bears.

  • David says:

    My personal favorite bell is the Ohgi Japanese Electronic Bell. Very hard to find but is available here:

  • Bob P. says:

    My favorite use of my bell is to get the attention of the people in front of me at a traffic light who miss the light change due to texting.

  • bongobike says:

    Ummm…I was referring to the Mirrycle bike mirrors, not the Incredibell bells, which I think are made by the same company. Calhoun takes Mirrycle mirrors, modifies their mounts and calls them Evo mirrors (Evo M, Evo Lite, Evo Sport). I have a pair of Evo Lites on my Rans Formula recumbent and I love them.

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  • sygyzy says:

    What’s everyone’s favorite *brass* bell?

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