Reader Pic of the Week

Reader Pic of the Week

This week’s featured photo comes from Flickr user smallcamerajournal (aka Dave Nixen). Dave’s photo made me want to go trail riding. Love the mood and sense of adventure.

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5 Responses to “Reader Pic of the Week”

  • Ron Whitmire says:

    Love that picture.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    That looks sooooo much like Wilder Ranch. Fantastic shot.

  • John Ferguson says:

    Looks like Coastal in the Marin Headlands to me, but I haven’t been up there in awhile.

  • Dave Nixen says:

    Good eye, Dolan. Wilder it is. And it’s sooooo good right now. So are the Headlands, John. Cheers, and thanks for the good words.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:


    As a UCSC grad who “majored in mountain biking” (my dad’s words) it definitely looked familiar at first glance, but yes, John, I think I know which section of the Coastal you’re talking about too. I definitely miss riding those trails, and it inspires me to bring a camera along when I finally start mountain biking again in these parts.

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