Gallery: Brandon’s Salsa Casseroll

Salsa Casseroll

[Brandon sent us this photo of his new Salsa Casseroll commuter. —ed.]

This is my new Salsa Casseroll commuting bike with a bunch of VO and Brooks add ons.


2 Responses to “Gallery: Brandon’s Salsa Casseroll”

  • Michael says:

    Just a word of advice, watch out for that VO bottle cage mounted on the seat tube. I put one there just like you have it and when riding in pants the pant leg would catch the flared side of the cage. I ended up bending the small tubing pretty bad and had to remove it.

    Shouldn’t be an issue with shorts or tapered/skinny pants though. Nice bike!

  • Steve Miller says:

    Great to see such a nice Casseroll. I’ve been riding one for a few years and I love it more every time I’m on it. It is such a nice feeling frame, feels much lighter and quicker than it’s weight and geometry would imply. The Salsa is my “weekend” bike and a LHT is my commuter. On paper, the Casseroll and LHT seem very close, but in reality they are very different on the road (the LHT is much heavier, solid and straight tracking).

    Thanks again Eco Velo for a fabulous blog!

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