Dahon Vector X27h

NYCeWheels just posted this video about the Dahon Vector X27h, a speedy folding bike with a 27-speed SRAM Dual Drive drivetrain.


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  • Ted Johnson says:

    It looks like he rode through some wet road striping.

    I’m trying to figure out who would want this bike. Maybe someone who drives out to meet friends for a road ride, but doesn’t have a rear rack?

    I did like how he folded the bike–by loosening the hinges first and, then folding it in one motion. It makes the fold look like a magic trick. However, that’s not the “right” way to fold a Dahon, which is to drop the seat post first. That way you don’t have to hold the bike in the air while you fold it, because the bottom of the seat post acts as a leg; an extra point of contact with the ground.

    Maybe it’s good salesmanship, but it’s turning into a pet peeve of mine that people who sell folding bikes try to make the fold look flashy and fast. It’s a bike–not a damn party trick.

  • Alan says:


    These may be the ultimate:


    I actually love this stuff… :-)


  • Geoffrey Yuen says:

    @Ted- I have a friend who has to ride a train to the city where he works. He uses a folder to get from home to the depot, then depot to work. He has one of Dahon’s more economical models, and really appreciates how easy it is to \fold\ to a compact, carry-on size. I agree with you that marketing these folders seems to involve fast and flashy, but one could also look at these videos and think, \Wow, that’s so quick and easy!\ Besides bikes, I also ride recumbent trikes, and several models are available with folding capabilities. The videos for those are very similar with the flashy element. ;)

    I’m not into bikes with drop bars(back issues), but the Vector X27h looks both cool and fun.

  • Warren says:

    Nice looking bike in that colour with matching colored tyres.
    Love the 27 gears.

  • Ted says:

    @Geoffrey I totally get the folder thing. I’m a Dahon owner myself, and used it in Washington DC for many years. (See this.)

    My question was more about, Who would want that Dahon? It seems clunky for a commuter (mostly because of the handlebars), and sub-optimal for a road bike–the worst of both worlds.

  • thor says:

    I also dont like the over emphasis on the fast folding. It takes me double the time at least. Do those extra 30 secunds count for anything ? I doubt it very much. What the Vector is, is a folding bike which folds reasonable fast but rides very very nice. It comes in 3 colors and tastes. The 27 drive dual drive in orange as seen in the vid. The orange is somewhat of a Dahon color and the orange Vector has the bull horn bars… it replaves the older Speed Pro TT ( which was also orange ) The Vector x20 Black red stripe, is an ultra expensive Sram Red Drivetrain, a regular handlebar, same as the almost affordable V x10 Black yellow stripe, with 10 gears and Sram X9 shifters… this one replaces the older Mu SL ….
    All Vectors are promised for late Spring but none has reached the USA so far. Kinda makes me wonder where Nyce Wheels got theirs from ? …

  • NYCePeter says:

    @Ted I can’t tell you how many times Bert (the camera man) has told me to put the seat post down first… The bike I ride everyday is a Brompton which folds almost opposite of the Dahons (with the seat post last or second to last). The flashiness is partly about showmanship and partly about keeping people entertained while watching a 3-5 minute video. I understand your frustration with a supposedly “unreal” or tricky way of folding but personally, if I owned one of these bikes that’s exactly how I would fold it (except with the seat post first as you point out).

    Anyway, there’s always at least a few possible folding sequences for any bike and I do appreciate your feedback on the video. I’m always trying to make my presentation more helpful and more useful. Perhaps a slightly less flashy fold would be more useful overall.

    @thor We have been getting demo models of the new Dahon bikes to do video reviews and articles. I’m trying to do a video on every single bike, a real challenge with Dahon!

  • Micheal Blue says:

    It looks great, but when folded the chain is on the outside, ready to mark everything with grease. I have Dahon Mu P24. I appreciate the versatility of the bike, but one has to be careful when handling the folded bike; not only the chain is exposed, also the sliding aluminium seatpost and handlepost are ready to smudge your skin/cloths with difficult-to-remove dirt (I don’t mean road dirt; for some reason aluminium parts can produce this greasy blackish stuff). Also, my Dahon’s frame hinge creaks like crazy after 4200km of riding.

  • NYCePeter says:

    @Ted (and everyone else) Look, I finally got the folding sequence right!!!

    Click here for the video.

    Thought you might enjoy that…


  • Ted says:

    @Peter: I think you meant to post this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWOyv7r3Hyc

    I hope learning that didn’t mess with your Brompton fold.

  • Ted says:

    This conversation in the comments inspired our own video and post on flashy folds:

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