Tiny Bikeshop Concert Series #1: Brianna Lane

Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series

Calhoun Cycle and Banjo Brothers have teamed up to bring you their Tiny Bikeshop Concert Series. The first show in the series will feature Brianna Lane, the talented singer/songwriter who first came to fame among bicyclists when she embarked on a car-free 1,100 mile concert tour from Milwaukee, WI to Boston, MA. The show will take place tomorrow evening from 6-8pm at Calhoun Cycle in Minneapolis. Here at EcoVelo we’ll have a live stream via indieload.com starting at 4pm west coast time.

The two-hour event will be free to the public and will also feature some mini Q&A sessions with factory reps and the bike shop staff covering endurance racing, dressing for foul weather cycling, bike touring, and how to set-up your bike for utility cycling. Calhoun Cycle owners and co-sponsors Luke and Mary Breen also plan to provide some in-store incentives for anyone who stops by. Be sure to check back here tomorrow afternoon at 4pm for the live stream!

Brianna Lane
Banjo Brothers
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