First Two Poppies of Spring

Poppies & Civia

I encountered a pair of poppies on my commute today – a sure sign that spring is truly (and finally) here. We’ll have fields full of these beauties within a few weeks.

Bike commuting, more than almost any other activity I can think of, puts one in constant touch with the changing seasons. So much of this is missed from behind the wheel of a car…

16 Responses to “First Two Poppies of Spring”

  • Graham says:

    There is a nice layer of frost on everything here on the coast of NC. Our flowering plants all have a look of WTH?!

    Still waiting on Spring. Warm weather for us should have started a month ago…

  • Don says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you take the trouble to get off the bike to photograph the poppies, yet you focus on the Bryant. Must be love.

  • Alan says:


    Spring is running very late here as well. Hope it arrives soon in your neck of the woods.

  • Alan says:


    Gotta’ keep those priorities straight… ;-)

  • tim says:

    25 degrees along the Mississippi River in SE Minnesota on my commute this AM. The only flowers I can enjoy are the singing variety, i.e., the redwing blackbirds. Beautiful.

  • Don In Portland says:

    Spring is late here too, wet and windy mostly. I, too, take heart when I hear the redwing blackbirds in the morning. One of my favorite sounds in early Spring.

  • Terry Scott says:

    Here on the wet & windy Oregon coast we’ve been seeing Spring’s overdue arrival with the blooming of skunk cabbage.


  • Steven Butcher says:

    I’ll have to show this to my wife this evening. Poppies are one of her favourite flowers. Please take photos of the fields full of poppies when you have the opportunity. Thanks!

  • Alan says:

    Will do, Steven!

  • John Ferguson says:

    I didn’t notice it on earlier shots, but the cable housing on the Bryant is looking pretty long (like the grass..). @Alan, are you considering a longer stem?

  • Alan says:

    Hey John,

    Naw, if anything I may go shorter with these bars. But then there’s always the possibility of other bars, levers, and shifters, so I figured I’d better run the cables a little shaggy until I get more settled… :-)

  • Jon Benn says:

    Robin here in Albany got concusions today trying to dig worms. I’m talking frozen.

  • Mike T says:

    On the subject of bars, Alan, what’s your take on flared drops? Do you think they offer any ergonomic benefit on a dedicated commuter ride or is it just a matter of preference?


    Mike, Calgary

  • David says:

    Forget the poppies, tell me more about the Bryant!

    How many miles you got on that sucker?
    What sort of break-in quirks, if any, are you seeing with the belt/cogs?
    Have you ridden it in the rain yet?
    Does the belt squeak when wet as some have said?
    How about the performance of the Avids?
    Any change in the feel/sound of the IGH as it breaks in?

    -David in Seattle

  • Alan says:

    Hi Mike,

    Flared drops may provide a little more leverage and slightly more clearance when in the drops. Beyond that I’d say it’s mostly personal preference.


  • Alan says:


    In general the break-in is going like most; I’ve had to adjust the cables and tweak a few things here and there, but in general there has been no serious issues.

    After a couple of weeks I’m starting to get a little belt noise. I’m working through the issue with Gates and I’ll eventually have more info to share. It’s actually a good thing because I’m learning a bunch about the subtleties of belt adjustment/alignment.

    The belt is actually quieter when its wet.

    The Avids are nice. The BB7s are a little easier to set-up, but these brakes perform as well otherwise. They have a relatively long throw, but I’ve gotten used to moving the levers through a longer arc than on my other bikes.

    I’m getting the usual missed shift here and there on the new IGH. It’s still tight. It’ll loosen up in time.

    I haven’t put in a ton of miles, but so far, so good. I recently put the Pass & Stow on the front of the bike; it’ll be interesting to see how that goes with the drop bars (so far, so good).


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