Soma Fundraiser for Japan

Soma Fundraiser

Our friends at Soma Fabrications are running a fundraiser for victims of the disaster in Japan:

We at Soma have been deeply saddened, like many of you, by the disaster and impending long recovery facing the people of Japan.

From March 26th through April 26th, the SomaFab Shop is supporting recovery efforts in Japan by donating 10% of net sales of all Japanese brand/Japanese-made product purchased by you.

This includes all Dia-Compe, Nitto, Sugino, MKS, Crane & Osaka Bells, Honjo fenders,Tanaka fenders, Tange-Seiki headsets, Kashimax saddles, Soyo and Strong grips, Palmy locks, Izumi and DID chains as well as US-branded products made in Japan — including all Soma tires, Rivendell tires, and IRD Techno-Glide headsets and bottom brackets.

Our donation will benefit the citizens of Soma, a town in the Fukushima Prefecture, which was ravaged by the tsunami and sits a mere 25 miles from the damaged nuclear plant. Though we didn’t take our name from this city, how can we not have some affection for a city with your same name.


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