Howard Wolfson on NYC Bike Lanes

NYC Deputy Mayor for Government Affairs and Communications Howard Wolfson was on The Brian Lehrer Show yesterday discussing the Propsect Park West bike lane lawsuit. (Click on the play button below to hear the interview.)

3 Responses to “Howard Wolfson on NYC Bike Lanes”

  • Michael says:

    Here’s a link to the Guardian article mentioned briefly in the interview. It’s worth a quick read, and I think makes an important point.

  • Brett Lindenbach says:

    thanks for posting this. what’s going on in nyc will have repercussions in other cities, so we all need to pay attention and actively lobby to keep the lanes. i am a former resident of nyc, still live nearby, and plan to participate in this year’s upcoming 5 boro bike tour (my fourth). despite the lack of lanes when i was there, i loved to bike in the city; without a doubt, though, nyc traffic poses a major impediment to all but the most fearless riders. i was once literally chased across four traffic lanes and nearly run over by a raging driver of an mta bus full of guffawed people. but i digress. the anti lane people have enlisted the pro bono help and seemingly limitless resources of a gold plated law firm, the same law firm that successfully argued george w. bush into office. they will not rest until the prospect park west lane is taken out; once this precedent is set, cranky non-biking citizens and short-sighted business groups all over the city will fight to further roll-backs. soon after that, all the recent progress for bike-safe nyc streets will disappear. but why should you care if you don’t live in the city? because this will be used as an excuse to either not implement bike lanes in other cities, or to remove them altogether. we need to take a moment to speak up for our rights.

  • Pete says:

    Alan, thanks for covering east coast issues even though you live in Cali cycling nirvana! :-)
    I agree with Brett, these are issues that will affect all the discussions about bike infrastructure in the coming years.

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