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geiranders1970 Hyland

This week we have Geir Anders’ snow-ready Civia Hyland, coming to you all the way from Oslo, Norway. I just love the subtle irony of the skis being carried through the snow by a bike.

Geir Anders’ Photostream
More about this bike

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6 Responses to “Reader Pic of the Week”

  • Molly says:

    Fantastic! I commute through Minnesota winters (similar to Oslo’s) with a beloved Surly Instigator and have seen the toll winter takes on the drivetrain. I’ve been thinking of an internal gear hub bike. The Hyland looks awesome. I’m going to read more of his blog. Thanks for posting!

  • Kevin M says:

    I carried my skis like that a couple times this winter. It works great if you have a level top tube.

  • Adam Allstar says:

    Very cool shot, love the vibrant colors against the white snow.

  • Bill Graves says:

    Great shot. This year I got a ski backpack and strapped the backcountry skis on to that and hit the trails down the road at a local park. Once the snow gets good and plenty around my house I just go out the back door.

    I am sure the bike and my backpack received some strange looks riding in the snow with skis on them!

  • Jeff Utterback says:

    Reminds me of seeing surfers in Santa Cruz, Ca with surf boards being carried on old beach cruisers with U-shaped carriers attached…usually older surfers in there 50-s 60;s in wet suits…who needs a car!

  • Pete Olson says:

    My system for getting to the ski trail head is quite a bit more complex. I use an older mountain bike with studded tires pulling a BOB trailer. The skis and poles go in an ABS plastic ski tube and everything else in a gear bag. My skate or striding skis are either side of 200 cm long, so there is quite a bit of rear overhang, but bungee cords keep everything secure.

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