QBP Catalog

QBP Catalog

Quality Bicycle Parts is the largest distributor of bicycle parts in the U.S. Their 1,762-page catalog is a treasure trove of goodness for bike geeks. Be forewarned; browsing the QBP catalog can be a tremendous time suck.

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5 Responses to “QBP Catalog”

  • Nick says:

    What’s great about QBP is that they have almost everything and and almost every bike shop can order from them. So instead of buying stuff on line I ask the guys at the NBS to order it for me out of QBP. Sends business to the local guys and saves on shipping cost.

  • John Ferguson says:

    Oh man – I wish you hadn’t posted this. Now I’m behind and will have to push it to finish my work on time..

  • Alan says:


    LOL. I warned you… ;-)

  • joe says:

    You can also save a copy locally. Just be warned, it’s almost 540 meg in size. I also find searches are faster in the onlne version.

  • Buck says:

    Please don’t assume all these parts are in-stock all of the time from one supplier (we, the bike shops, hate when you do that). Luckily, since QBP expanded they have been better about keeping most of the popular catalog items in-stock (still, items get discontinued as often as ever). A knowledgeable shop worker will also check prices for a part they don’t have in-stock with J&B and SBA (if available). Their prices are better than QBP’s on hundreds of items, and those savings can be passed on to you.

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