Gallery: Charles’ Caylor


[Charles sent us these photos of his classic Caylor. —ed.]

Here is my Caylor built by Gunnar Caylor, Modesto California. Built in the early 1980’s. While not your typical touring geometry I have taken it to Germany twice fully loaded. I had Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles in Seattle respray it a few years ago. It now has a Nitto rear rack attached. Henry James lugs. Dura-Ace Triple set up for climbing hills here in the Bay Area, California.


4 Responses to “Gallery: Charles’ Caylor”

  • Tim Donahoe says:

    Very nice.

  • voyage says:

    Very sweet. Great job of negotiating the challenging problems of form, function, and true -to- period with an obscure bike. Enjoy, and thanks to you and Barnard for the looks!

  • dave says:

    The bar angle looks weird to me. i realize this is a matter of personal preference but who rides that much in the drops besides track racers? I like the line of the drops pointed at the rear axle. Riding on the hoods is much more feasible in such a configuration. Also, Is the stem inserted at a safe depth, because it looks very high… For such a long stem extension, the seat is quite far forward. One might try a shorter stem extension and slide the seat back, for a slightly different and perhaps more comfortable fit.

    Nice slack angles on the head and seat tubes, i bet it is a comfortable ride.

  • bobbiker says:

    You are right, handlebar position is a matter of personal preference. For someone like Charles who has been riding seriously since the 50s, it looks perfectly OK. Hard to criticize someone’s position without seeing him on the bike in person, isn’t it? Here are some pics of him riding I think he looks pretty good for a guy in his mid 70s. Angles on that bike aren’t slack by the way. Must be an optical illusion. They are pretty normal 73/74 or so.

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