Poll Shows NYC Residents Support Bike Lanes

NYC Bike Lane Poll

Despite the recent backlash against New York’s expanding bike infrastructure, a recent poll shows that a majority of New Yorkers feel bike lanes are a positive addition to the cityscape. From the Quinnipiac University poll:

More bike lanes are good “because it’s greener and healthier for people to ride their bicycles,” 54 percent of New York City voters say, while 39 percent say bike lanes are bad “because it leaves less room for cars which increases traffic.”

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3 Responses to “Poll Shows NYC Residents Support Bike Lanes”

  • Velouria says:

    While the results are encouraging, I think they also explain why the 39% are so vocal. The “for” argument focuses on what’s good for cyclists, but not on what’s good on the rest of the community. The “against” argument focuses on what they believe to be a drawback for the entire community. In fact, it makes no logical sense that bikelanes increase congestion, more likely the opposite. There need to be positive messages that focus on why the bikelanes are good for the entire neighbourhood and not just for those who use them.

  • Pete says:

    excellent point. Since “motorist” includes nearly everyone in America, too often “what’s good for cars” has been equated with “what’s good for society” without a second thought. Cyclists, however, are portrayed as selfish, and taking things away from the rest of “society,” if by society you mean motorists. More discussion of cycling’s benefits to the broader community, as opposed to the health and financial benefits that accrue to the individual cyclists, would certainly help.

  • Graham says:

    Is anyone else saddened by the fact that Velouria is correct and we think of “citizens” as synomynous with “motorists?”

    Of course I’ve never really had a fascination with cars like most folks and I never attached any special significance to being able to drive someplace. Certainly whatever fantasies I had about driving died the minute I was forced to pay for everything myself.

    Perhaps because of that I can’t really get my head around the sense of manifest destiny people seem to have about their cars and ability to drive them.

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