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Civia Bryant

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  • Don Stevenson says:

    So that’s what you’ve been up to! We will all live vicariously.

    My main Bryant questions:

    1. Would straight bars make sense for those of us so inclined?
    2. How does it handle with a full load?

    Live it up!

  • Stephen D. says:

    It’s here! Congrats!

  • Jammy says:

    Shiny!!!! I love those cable stops. Resist the temptation to cut the headtube too short :-)

  • Teemu Kemppainen says:

    What headset is that? Beautiful silver finish.

  • DavidJ says:

    Looks good without the bar tape. Can I ask
    where you found the silver Ferules/cabel end housing?
    I’ve searched to no avail.

  • Alan says:

    Hey Don,

    I’ll get back to you on those questions. Thanks!


  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Stephen!

  • Alan says:


    No worries – I’m leaving it fairly long and I’ll cut it down later if needed. Thanks for the reminder… :-)

  • Alan says:

    Hi Teemu,

    That’s an FSA Orbit X.


  • Alan says:

    Hi David,

    I ordered this as a complete, so the parts came stock. The Bryant is a Quality Bicycle Parts product, so I’m pretty sure you can get those through any QBP dealer.


  • arevee says:

    You are teasing us with this photo. I look forward to a more detailed review this all-arounder with modern features – particularly how the Alfine hub stacks up against traditional external gears when used as daily transportation.

  • Michael says:

    I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve planned for some time now to buy a Bryant frame for my perfect commuter build, and look forward to your experiences.

    I second the drive train comments, since I’m not sure yet which direction to go.

  • Markus says:

    I’ve kitted mine out with straight bars and I love it! Seems to do pretty well with moderately heavy loads, although I can’t say I’ve really put that much on it (aprox 20 lbs).

  • Bob Bryant says:

    Wow, beautiful bike!

  • Alan says:

    Hi Markus,

    I’m curious what you used for levers, shifter, etc. Photos would be super… :-))


  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Bob. I completed the build this afternoon – look for a couple of photos this evening…

  • Ted says:

    O.K., I feel really out-of-place surrounded by all these shiny-happy comments, but I really can’t help but hate that front fork for appearing ugly and mass-produced.
    Maybe it’s just me…I’m having a hard time right now after looking at so many photos of Japan… God help them.

  • DavidJ says:

    Thanks Alan, sadly my Bryant didn’t come with these… its a small parts wonderland out there, I’ll have to keep searching.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for your comment. Our thoughts are with all of those who are suffering in this incomprehensible tragedy.


  • John Ferguson says:

    Jealous for sure.. Congrats Alan, and keep us in the loop as to what you like/don’t like about the standard QBP build.

  • Markus says:

    Hey Alan,

    Sorry for the delay getting back. I too have been somewhat obsessed with the tragedy in Japan, among other things.

    Per your request, photos are here: http://gallery.me.com/montezemolo#100049&view=mosaic&sel=0

    Here’s what I’ve done with my Bryant:

    • MTB Pro-Urban Riser bars
    • Shimano Elixer 3 hydraulic brakes
    • NiteRider MiNewt.350 Headlamp and Li-Ion battery pack
    • PortlandDesignWorks RadBot 1000 taillamp
    • Ergon GP1 grips
    • PlanetBike Cascadia Hybrid/Touring fenders
    • Brooks Champion Special B.17 saddle
    • MKS petals
    • Topeak rack for use with TrolleyTote Folding MTX rear basket
    • ThoughtOut PED3 steel iPhone holder with Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation
    • Problem Solvers Hydraulic Brake Hose Guides

    Still looking to get a black power cord for the iPhone battery to match the rest. I will probably bleed the hydraulic brakes and shorten the cables now that I know the headset height feels right. And I’ll get an under-saddle bag for a spare tube and tools. And, ideally, in the long run, I would get a set of thinner wheels for when I wanted to do longer rides on it. Or maybe I should just get another bike for that. :)

    I’ve been on some 20-30 mile or so rides with fantastic results. Total weight is just north of 30 lbs (32 something). I am blown away by how quiet and smooth everything is. All I hear when I’m riding is the wind in my ears. Definitely the nicest bike I’ve ever owned.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Markus,

    Thanks for the photos and the spec list. That’s a beautiful, practical build. I’m with you on the drivetrain; the quiet, smooth ride is hard to describe to someone who’s never tried a belt/IGH combo.

    Let me know if it’s OK to add the photos to the Gallery sometime…

    Best regards,

  • Markus says:

    Hi Alan,

    Please feel free to post the photos. If you want the Nikon RAW files, I can send those too. If you wait until I get my kickstand attached, I can take some higher quality ones outdoors.


  • Alan says:

    Hi Mark,

    Why don’t we wait for those outdoor shots. There’s no rush.

    Many thanks!

  • Nate says:


    I just bought this bike 9 days ago and UPS said it got destroyed in an Iowa train accident. The bike store I ordered it through is rushing a new one, but I’m still anxious. Great to see the shots of it.

    Is the tensioning tool required in my tool box?

    We are moving to Darwin Australia in 6 weeks and this will be my primary form of transportation. I’m excited to ditch out second car life style.

  • Matthew says:

    I too am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Bryant Alfine. The 58cm has been out of stock for some time now. Thanks Alan for all the seductive imagery. The shot of the Bryant glistening in the field is like bike porn. My wife catches me staring at it now and again. But seriously, thanks. Sadly, they will not be offering the Bryant with the chrome details and brown leather saddle and grip tape. I originally was looking for a Hillborne-type commuter/touring bike but was drawn to the new technology that seems to make a lot of sense for my climate here in Portland, OR. I felt that the Bryant, over all of the belt drive bikes available, had the most traditional styling. Obviously, a more level top tube, lugs, and a fork with a crown would have been the ultimate, but I really like the styling at this price point.
    I’m getting a complete bike and upgrading the BB5 to BB7, adding an Alfine dynamo, Brooks brown saddle,and going with some moustache bars with VO brown leather grip tape. Still hooked on the brown leather from your test ride photos. The moustache bar decision is a direct result of that great overhead image of your Hillborne bars that flash in the photo ticker of the home page. Your photos are excellent and showcase the artistry and beauty of the bicycle form.
    My wife wants you to stop it. : )

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