Streetfilms: Floating Parking & Bike Buffer Zones

“Floating Parking” & Bike Buffer Zone in Separated Bike Lanes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “Streetfilms: Floating Parking & Bike Buffer Zones”

  • Molly Fox says:

    I wish this worked. Minneapolis has this sort of floating lane on First Avenue, a major downtown street (and famous club). Cars park on the bike lane. When they don’t, the lane is covered in snow, which is only natural. To clear the roadway you have to push the snow to the curb. One day I almost nailed a pedestrian as she was walking in the lane to her parked car. I have nearly been doored. Perhaps it’ll work one day, but sadly not yet.

  • Regression To The Mean » Sweat365 » Fitness Community | Do The Right Thing says:

    […] pressure, or the pressure of reality trying to break in, or whatever. But when I first saw this Streetfilms video on EcoVelo, my first thought was, Oh, lovely. But it’ll never work here, because our streets are too […]

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