Gallery: Nancy’s Murray Cruiser

Nancy's Murray
Nancy's Murray

[Nancy sent us these photos of her Murray Cruiser. —ed.]

It’s approx a 1998 26” Murray…nothing fancy at all. No accessories. It’s squeaky!! I just started riding this bike to work every day and to the local coffee shop. 6 mile round trip every day. Saves me approx $100 a month on gas!


4 Responses to “Gallery: Nancy’s Murray Cruiser”

  • Annie Follett says:

    You go girl! I’m proud of you for getting out there and doing something for yourself, your pocketbook, and for the world.

  • Garth Madison says:

    It costs you $100 in gas to drive 120 (or if we took you literally, 180) miles? You must have a _really_ inefficient car! Or maybe tractor? :)

  • Ira Kinro says:

    Nothing fancy? It looks great to me: comfortable, fun, affordable, functional. And, it has fenders. Bonus! To me, the best feature of the bike is that you’re using it. Have fun.

  • David Coldiron says:

    The best bikes are the ones that are ridden. Expensive bikes that are neglected and hang in the garage are the worst. In either case the owner decides how good their bike is. Congratulations on making your bike great.

    Happy trails, Nancy.

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