A Backyard Tour

One of our favorite ways to take a break from the busyness of everyday life is to simply head out the front door on our bikes for an uncharted day tour in our own backyard. We left early this morning, stopping along the way to look at the flowers that seem to be blooming everywhere and watch the ducks and geese frolicking in our local wetlands (they know it’s spring too). Of course we had to make a stop for coffee and pastries (every day tour requires at least one stop for coffee), and lunch may be in the works too. This note comes to you mid-tour, so we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the day has in store for us… :-)

A Backyard Tour
A Backyard Tour
A Backyard Tour
A Backyard Tour
A Backyard Tour

10 Responses to “A Backyard Tour”

  • Andy Goodell says:

    What is that front rack bag? I have a small front rack and never managed to find a suitable bag for it.

  • Alan Barnard says:

    Hi Andy,

    That’s a Rivendell Trunksack in the small size. It looks as if they’re currently out of stock at Riv.


  • John Brewer says:

    What’s this???? You’ve had to give up the Norco Ceres so soon? And obviously your Civia Bryant hasn’t arrived. Just seemed a perfect outing for a nice quite belt. LOL!

  • Alan Barnard says:

    When my wife is on her Betty Foy she’s not truly happy unless I’m on my Sam Hillborne.
    It’s a love thing…. :-)

  • John Pelletier says:

    Well gosh, there is still a foot and a half of frozen ice/snow on the ground (here in NH). It still is barely above freezing (it was 8 degrees yesterday on my commute to the train station). What is this flowering stuff :P

    sheesh :P

  • Constance Winters says:

    Beautiful blossoms!
    We’re still a couple of weeks away.

  • Alan Barnard says:


    I hope they hurry up for you! Believe it or not, the photos above were taken earlier today and it’s pouring down rain this evening. It must be early spring in NorCal…


  • Barbara Kilts says:

    I hope we’re not far behind you… It’s later then normal for Spring here in Portland, but today gave some hints! We had a tree planted in our yard by Friends of Trees and then we took a short ride to the store. A little bit of sun, a sprinkle of rain – quite pleasant!

    C’mon Spring!


  • Ron Whitmire says:

    Beautiful. I am so looking forward to spring. And BTW, we don’t see enough pictures of Betty…

  • Cullen Carter says:

    I’m very jealous of you, Alan. I look out in my front yard and see a semi-thick blanket of snow.

    At least it’s melting – albeit very slowly (for me, anyway)!

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