Los Angeles Bike Plan Approved

LA Bike Plan

The Los Angeles 2010 Bicycle Plan was unanimously approved by the City Council on March 1, 2011 and was signed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa the next day. This ambitious plan will create 1,680 miles of interconnected bike lanes and paths specifically designed for transportation. To put this in perspective, the City has striped just 377 miles of bike lanes since 1977.

From the Plan Executive Summary:

The 2010 Bicycle Plan represents a new commitment by Los Angeles to complete streets. It is part of a move away from the auto-centric approach of the past, and toward a sustainable transportation system—a system which supports motor vehicle use, but also enables the use of streets by other modes, such as bicycling, walking, and transit, and acknowledges the use of streets for other purposes, such as recreation, retail and public gatherings.

The plan calls for the creation of 100 miles of lanes per year over the next five years, then 40 miles per year thereafter. Funding will come in part from Measure R, the Transportation Development Act, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Los Angeles Bicycle Plan Update

3 Responses to “Los Angeles Bike Plan Approved”

  • Brian says:

    It is cool to see that this system is “designed for transportation.” There is a big difference between a recreational path and systems that take you where you need to go.

  • Mike Iza says:

    IMHO, Los Angeles has really dropped the ball on this issue for years. Looks like they are now finally picking it up and moving forward with some real improvements. Ironically, this was all really brought to the fore by the mayor getting clocked by a cab.

  • Jamin Cleveland says:

    LA is certainly late coming to the table on these issues, especially for a city that boasts the worst air quality and some of the worst traffic in the entire country. Speaking as an Angeleno and a bicycle commuter, this is about the best news we could have hoped for. Better late than never, LA, thank you.

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