Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

The other day, we were both riding around all grumpy with headaches, wondering if we were coming down with something, when we looked up and noticed the above. Apparently, spring is arriving early in California this year. I guess it’s time for us allergy sufferers to start the yearly ritual of pill popping.

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  • Sean Carter says:

    As a fellow spring time pill popper, I can only look upon that photo with envy. Our current temp. is -25c with -33c windchill.


    Wish I was there!

  • Alan Barnard says:

    Brrrr! Sending warm thoughts your way…

  • Eddie Hurt says:

    In a blinding blaze of sunlight, Spring erupts from a bottom bracket?

  • ranny varley says:

    As a Portland transplant from the Bay Area (7 years ago), I envy your mild, relatively dry CA winters and sometimes wish to return. We had temps in the 20’s last week and this week promisses warmer weather but steady rain all week. At least it’s warmer and I can put my fenders to good use. Can’t wait for a CA vacation!

  • Matt Graham says:

    Your post if funny because two days ago I had the exact same experience here on the coast of NC. I couldn’t figure out why I was so short of breath and grew very concerned about it until I noticed that once again all the cars are covered in a soft yellow dust of pine tree pollen.

  • Andres Palmiter says:

    As a former allergen pill-popper, I’ll share my secret. Local honey. Everyday. The bees process pollen and their honey provide a natural “antibody” to pollen allergies. Give it a go – the one caveat is it has to be local since every region has its own allergens.

  • Michael McMahon says:

    Dang Alan,

    Makes me wistful for my Chico days! Threat of snow for the morning commute here in Portland. Though I have seen a few blossoms around town, only without the sunny backdrop.


  • Michael Cullen says:

    Hey Andres, thanks for that tip! I think I’ve heard that before (as well as local honey also boosting poison ivy immunity) but it’s good to get a confirmation.

  • John Ferguson says:

    I started feeling it about 2 weeks ago – nasal spray like NasalCrom has done the trick for me for years.

    Newest pet peeve, seemingly enhanced by the spring weather. I ride a lot on multi-use pathways. Everyone – and I mean almost everyone – seems to have checked out completely with the portable music systems so that no one is paying the slightest attention and cannot be warned when I’m near or passing or want to turn. This is true of almost every runner and dog walker in my area and true of probably 50% or more of the cyclists! It’s madness, public safety hazard #1. It has me thinking that I might actually be safer in traffic than on the bike path. Things are better after dark, as the lights announce my arrival and there’s less people on the path in general.

    Comments? I’m thinking of writing my state legislator to see if we can get more stringent laws on distracted cycling. I think cyclists who wear headphones while riding are a complete menace. The ultimate – a cyclist riding against traffic flow at dusk or night with no lights and wearing headphones (and usually no helmet). It happens more than infrequently and I always get freaked out by it. What to do?

  • Alan Barnard says:


    It’s already illegal to ride a bicycle in California with headphones or earbuds on:


    Enforcement is the issue. And, of course, this doesn’t solve the problem of clueless headphone-clad pedestrians.


  • Thomas Birks says:

    We’re currently enjoying the false spring here in Denver. It will get cold again and some snow will fall before the real spring shows up but today it’s 60 degrees. I’m not complaining

  • Alan Barnard says:


    If it’s any consolation, the rains are supposed to come in here tonight and not abate for 4-5 days.


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