NAHBS 2012: Sacramento, CA

NAHBS Sacramento, 2012!

It’s official. The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is coming to our hometown of Sacramento, CA in March of 2012. Kudos to our pals Rick & Erin Houston of Sacramento Tweed for making it happen!

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  • Ira Kinro says:

    I’m already planning the trip. :-)

  • Joseph Eisenberg says:

    Congratulations, Sacramento!
    I didn’t realize the show was moving around.
    We may have to attend this year, if the tickets aren’t too expensive.
    I’m glad that local frame builders will be able to show off their stuff to a national audience without investing $1000′s in long-distance travel expenses. Actually, it’s a shame there isn’t a big convention like this in California every year, just for locals who want to check out different builders.

    (Sorry, do you need my full last name? It’s in my email, obviously)

  • Nico Forte says:

    This is great news and fitting for the NorCal bicycle community. Thanks to Rick and Erin for their lobbying efforts.

  • Doug Ratliff says:

    A huge thank you! To Rick and Erin! Excellent! I cannot wait! : ) (starting a piggy bank for this show right now)

  • Andy Estridge says:

    Exciting! Does this mean it will be NAHBS and Sac Beer Week at the same time?? excellent!

    big ups to rick&erin!

  • Chris Kostman says:

    We do have a show like this in California every year, in San Diego. This year, I believe, is the third edition and it will take place April 8-10. I’m a bit suspicious that NAHBS picked Sacramento as their 2012 locale in part just to hurt the San Diego show.

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  • Mark Sheffield says:

    I really doubt Don Walker had any intension of hurting the San Diego show. Don is from Sacramento originally and it is only fitting that he would bring the show home at some point!

  • Alan Barnard says:


    I agree; I seriously doubt the decision had anything to do with San Diego. There was some serious lobbying going on by parties in Sacramento to bring the show here.


  • Chris Kostman says:

    Well, you have to admit that it can’t be good for the SD show’s business to have a bigger, more well known, and longer running show in the same state less than a few weeks apart. These shows cost builders a fortune and it would be impossible for just about any builder to attend both. That’s called slicing the pie up. Look at the California Triple Crown: despite the growth from five to ten to twenty double centuries in California over the past decade, there are still about the same number of participants (500 to 550 riders with 3 or more double century finishes) in the CA Triple Crown each year, which necessarily means that many of the doubles are getting less riders, while a few gobble up most of the riders.

    If Don Walker didn’t consider the SD show when he chose Sacramento, then he should have.

    And why be naive? This is capitalism at work, another twist on the theme of Starbux going in across the street from the local café.

    That said, the shows are probably an unreasonable expense for nearly all builders, as is being discussed elsewhere just now:

  • Rick Houston says:


    To begin with, I want to say that I’m aware of the backstory of the San Diego show, so let me add that I both acknowledge and appreciate your feelings on this subject; that being said, however, perhaps I can put your mind at ease by pointing out a couple of things that I hope you’ll consider: first, 2012 will mark the first time in four years that Don has held his show on the West Coast, so as a pure business decision–and nothing else–it’s time he moved it back there; second, it’s common knowledge by now that the show came down to two venues, Sacramento and Long Beach, and if Don’s intention was to hurt the attendence of the San Diego show, he surely would have chosen LB over us.

    Hope that makes you feel better. Good luck with your show!


  • Kris Klima says:

    This is such great news for Sacramento and outlying area’s cyclists & enthusiasts. Great job R/EH! Oh, and San Diego will do just fine….believe me.


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