Big Adventure. Small Wheels.

Russ & Laura with Bromptons

Our pals Russ & Laura over at The Path Less Pedaled are getting ready to embark on their next adventure. This one is a trip that couldn’t be closer to our own hearts: a multi-modal cross-country tour combining passenger trains, bike advocacy, and Bromptons. Wow. From their press release:

AUSTIN, Texas (February 25, 2011) – At this yearʼs North American Handmade Bike Show, Russ Roca and Laura Crawford announced their next epic bicycle adventure. It is their “Big Adventure. Small Wheels” tour. They will be riding Bromptons – a 16-inch-wheel folding bicycle that folds into the size of a small suitcase. Combining folding bikes and trains, they will cross the country and redefine the American road trip.

In 2009, Russ Roca and Laura Crawford sold everything they owned to travel around the US by bicycle and started They pedaled 10,000 miles over 15 months, and spoke about bicycle touring, following your dreams, and simple living to people across the country.

“We want to show that car-less travel is not only possible, but is a viable and adventurous way to travel,” say Roca and Crawford.

This time, however, they wonʼt be hitting the road alone. Their 2800+ Facebook fans and 1200+ Twitter followers will assist them on their journey. Their readers will be encouraged to actively help them find fascinating people, local food stops, breath-taking views, and hidden gems along the way. It will be a constantly changing “choose your own adventure,” and their readers will help guide the way.

All the while, there will be constant suspense as people wonder if they can really climb mountain passes, as well as board trains, with their small-wheeled Bromptons.

What a fantastic trip! I’m looking forward to living vicariously through their adventure over this coming year. You can track Russ & Laura’s progress on their website and Facebook page:


6 Responses to “Big Adventure. Small Wheels.”

  • Constance Winters says:

    I think that’s the new sage Brompton he’s got!

  • Alan Barnard says:

    Yeah, I think those both may be new colors. Swoon… :-)

  • Ron DeMarco says:

    What a great share and very inspiring.

    I am so glad that I found your site, Alan. (I clicked the link to your Sam Hillborne review from, and I’ve been back almost every other day since.)

    Always a good read!

  • Redefining the American road trip | 16incheswestofpeoria says:

    […] Saw this story first on EcoVelo. […]

  • Russ Roca says:

    Thanks Alan for posting about our next trip. We’re really excited about bringing attention to bikes and trains and riding on the Brommies. Feels like we’re learning to tour all over again!


  • kanishka azimi (new england!) says:

    first off, this is awesome!

    with regards to:

    “We want to show that car-less travel is not only possible, but is a viable and adventurous way to travel”

    when i first read this, i thought they meant commuting, not travel, but i guess this refers to leisure travel… but it still touches on a question i think about and sometimes have a hard time answering for people considering bike commuting:

    sounds fun/interesting, but can i really fit it into my lifestyle time wise. average american’s jobs creeping from 40 hrs to 50 and 60 hrs/wk. + family, kids. or in my little world, grad students who work round the clock. i’m barely making it fit into my schedule, my fourth year into this

    i guess more blogs that complemented the existing – biking commuting is amazing / fun bloggers – with commentary on how bike commuting doesn’t take more time than driving point to point. i think one can only make this claim if you actually change where you are commuting to – going to closer stores, finding more local cultural events, living closer to work, etc…

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