Ellis Cycles

Ellis Cycles from Chris Harris on Vimeo.

Ellis Cycles

5 Responses to “Ellis Cycles”

  • Justus Robert Gunther says:

    Wow thanks for posting this really makes you appreciate the work and skill involved in making custom frames.

  • Micheal Blue says:

    People like that, who can create bautiful, good-quality, and helpful things…wow! Amazing.

  • Wannes Van den Abeele says:

    Now that’s the job of my dreams…
    Respect for people who can make a living out of this in these times of mass production!
    Thanks for showing Alan!

  • Adam Booth says:

    That was sweet. No assembly line, just the builder, tools, and a pile of tubes…

    Its like that bike has a soul

  • Doug Robertson says:

    Can I add that David Wages of Ellis Cycles, featured in this video, won Best of Show at the 2010 NAHBS, and Best Lugged Frame at the 2009 NAHBS?

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