One-Off Rivendell Sam Hillborne Auction

Riv Hillborne

Rivendell is holding an auction for a one-off, Waterford-made Sam Hillborne with a special fork and paint job. From the Rivendell website:

We wanted to try out a new color, so we asked Wford to make a Sam and paint it this way. It’s easier to tell on a whole bike than on just a 6-inch tube sample. We’re trying two colors, actually, but only one is here so far. And now we have to sell it, because that keeps the larder stocked. The new color is between grey and silver, and if ends up a keeper we’ll call it “grilver.” There’s a hint of green in it, too, but the g can be from grey, the r from green, it is mostly silver.

I don’t think anybody could not like the way it looks. From a distance it seems so neutral, but up close it’s really beautifulit’s neutrally beautiful. It’s neutiful! Beautral! It rides like a Sam, which rides how all of our bikes ride, and if it fits you, you’ll be comfortable on it right away.

Bids start at $2400 and go up in $25 jumps Any amount over $2600 will go to Smile Train. We expect it to go for about $2,500, but there’s a chance we’ll end up selling it locally, if nobody bids. You pay the freight, and in California, the tax. The “deal” is that you get the one-of-a-kind (we may do it again later) and the super expensive fork, and it’s just a really nice bike.

Send bids to He’ll post the high bids here every day, and auction ends this Friday the 25th at Noon California time.

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One Response to “One-Off Rivendell Sam Hillborne Auction”

  • Seth Vidal says:


    LOVE That color.

    don’t need a new bike.

    but LOVE the color

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