New Models From Linus

Linus Gaston
Linus Gaston

Linus Dover
Linus Dover

A friend dropped me a note pointing out that the new-for-2011 Linus Gaston and Dover are now posted on the Linus website. Both are available with either a convertible SS/fixed or 5-speed Sturmey Archer drivetrain.


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  • Ira Kinro says:

    Here in San Diego, Velo Cult carries Linus. They are so much more beautiful in person. I never thought of bikes being photogenic or not, but there it is. Anyway, if this type of bicycle is your cup of tea, go see ‘em in person. They’re pretty.

  • Teddy Prompichai says:

    There’s a level of distinction with Linus bikes.
    I can always tell when one rolls by me

  • John Ferguson says:

    That’s a rad mixte design. I wonder why the second (higher) seatstay is necessary, but it looks pretty cool.

  • Alan Barnard says:

    Hi John,

    I think mixtes traditionally had 3 stays like the one above. Here’s an old Raleigh:


  • Jorge Peredo says:

    I wonder how people feel about Linus being made in China, and about them being mainly hi-ten steel (as opposed to cromoly). Anyone?

  • John Ferguson says:

    China is the new Taiwan in the bike industry. I wonder what the new China will be in 5 years. Vietnam?

    I’m not down with Hi-Ten in the frame tubes of any bicycle costing over $300, but then I’m also against bikes offered in only two sizes so I’m guessing that this is not the bike company for me. I also don’t want to feel like I’m in an old French movie, so that seals the deal – no Linus for me, and you can keep your blanket too..

  • Eero Eames says:

    Hey John, Jorge
    If you look at the specs on the 5 speed, these bikes are full cromo frame and fork. I hear what you’re saying on the sizing, but they actually look like decent specs to me and I definitely think that such pretty bikes at this price point can only be a good thing… Lest not forget the greater good… more people on bikes.
    So I understand this bike is not for you and your more precise sizing requirements, but there’s no reason to be so dismissive about it.

  • Rick Houston says:

    Eero, I completely agree. People are to be encouraged to ride, regardless of the bike, period. When experienced riders start breaking preferences down in a, “this is the right way!”, or a, “no, this is the right way!”, all we do is confuse newcomers, and who wants that?

    Linus is part of the shift towards getting first-timers on bikes that look nice, ride reasonably well, and offer good value. Viva la velorution!

  • jorge peredo says:

    Linus bikes look the part, but I won’t ride Chinese, nor hi-ten steel. Sorry. Plenty of reasonably-priced, well-built, Taiwanese, chromoly offerings available to choose from.

  • Erin Houston says:

    That Dover is an awfully pretty bike. Hope to see some out in the wild this year.

  • John Ferguson says:

    Just for the record, I was stating a personal preference and not arguing that what Linus is doing is the right thing or wrong thing to do. If people are buying their bikes then they must be doing something right, although I’m unlikely to be one of them. If one of these bikes works for you then by all means buy it, I just don’t find any of them to be compelling value propositions.

    As far as getting more people on bikes, I would say that perceived safety, comfort and social acceptance will go way further toward realizing that goal than style or cachet ever will. That’s why I added the part about not wanting to be in an old French movie – I just found the Linus marketing jargon way too precious for my taste.

  • Rick Houston says:

    I completely appreciate what you’re saying, John–perceived safety, comfort and social acceptance WILL go a long ways towards getting more people on bikes; but can we also agree that sometimes, enticing people with a little bit of sizzle tends to sell more steaks?

  • Sean Carter says:

    If you are in the Calgary area, pop by the shop in March, our order of LINUS bikes should be here by then.

    To echo an earlier comment, the bikes are so much more beautiful in person. Cannot wait to see them grace our sales floor.

    Happy Cycling!


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