Funding For Bike Projects in London’s Boroughs


According to an article published today by the BBC News, Transport for London is offering £4M to London’s outer boroughs to develop bicycling programs and infrastructure. 13 Boroughs will compete for the funds that will be available over the next 3 years. Among others, possible uses for the funds include bicycle parking, awareness training for lorry drivers, and new bike routes.

From the article:

Ben Plowden, TfL’s director of better routes and places, said: “Biking Boroughs aims to introduce simple, locally focused solutions that encourage residents to consider, for each journey, whether a bike could be used.

“Thousands of short trips made in outer London every day have the potential to be cycled, which is why we will be working with 13 boroughs to pave the way to encouraging a shift to two wheels.”

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3 Responses to “Funding For Bike Projects in London’s Boroughs”

  • Chris Morfas says:

    4 million pounds is, what, about $8million? Sacramento is not London, yet it spent a similar amount on bike projects during 2010, much of it in our equivalent of the outer boroughs– . Just offering a point of comparison.

  • Alan Barnard says:

    Hi Chris,

    That’s good to know. It sounds as if we need to do more to publicize the good work that’s being done in the area.


  • Paul Sowden says:

    Hey Chris, this is not the total amount spent on encouraging and supporting cycling in London, this is an extra source of funds for this year from one level of government. Last year Transport for London set aside £116 million on cycling:

    In addition the local councils (municipalities) in each of the boroughs budget for cycling related spending.

    Another level of government allocating funds for cycling is the Department for Transport, for example they’re spending £7 million on bike parking in train stations this year:

    The total amount spent on cycling throughout London is far in excess of this specific scheme, however it’s fantastic to see that in the face of drastic budget cuts across all levels of government in the UK that there are still significant funds being made available to support cycling.

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