Streetfilms: Bike Racks on NYC Buses

The Case for Bike Racks on NYC Buses from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Another excellent film from Clarence Eckerson Jr. He takes a look at New York City buses in particular, but the film also includes interesting information for anyone interested in multi-modal commuting.


4 Responses to “Streetfilms: Bike Racks on NYC Buses”

  • Molly says:

    In Minneapolis, people forget their bikes on bus racks all the time! That’s a testament to their popularity, I reckon. I love seeing people’s commutes in different cities. Gives me hope that public transit and bike commuting will only get better.

  • Adam says:

    One of my friends had the driver leave before he could get his bike. Its a good reminder that it doesn’t hurt to let the driver know that you’re getting your bike when you get off.

  • Richard Masoner says:


    This is the part where you mention your discussion of bikes and the last mile problem.

    I suspect this last mile problem probably isn’t so much an issue with NYC’s public transit, though Clarence notes bikes on buses would help with destinations outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    Now let’s see how many tries it takes me to read the CAPTCHA…. (Grr…)

  • Alan says:

    Hey Richard,

    Thanks for setting up the link. Bikes and transit are, in fact, a very good mix… :-)

    Sorry about CAPTCHA. Perhaps think of it as a video game (I know, it’s a stretch). :-/


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