Staff Bikes

Staff Bikes

It’s always fun to see what other people are riding. Many of you have sent photos of your bikes for our Bike Gallery and it remains one of our most popular ongoing features. And of course, you’re all very familiar with the “staff bikes” here at EcoVelo. I personally get a big kick out of seeing what our sponsors are riding. Both Rivendell and Velo Orange have assembled cool photo galleries of their staff bikes; have a look by following the links below.

Rivendell Staff Bikes
Velo Orange Staff Bikes

2 Responses to “Staff Bikes”

  • Steve Rowe says:

    I’d like to hear how lubrication of the other parts of the drive train occurs when the chain is given the wax treatment that was discussed in some of your recent articles.

    Thank you

  • Alan says:


    The only parts of the drivetrain other than the chain that require lube are the bottom bracket, the internal bearings on the pulleys, and the derailleur pivots. I run sealed bearings in the bottom bracket and pulleys, so we’re actually only talking the derailleur pivots. Those I lube with ProLink. According to Sheldon Brown, the Journal of Human Power, and other authorities, you’re better off with no lube on the outside of the chain and on chain rings and sprockets. External lube on those parts will immediately pick up dirt and turn the lube into a grinding paste.


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