Teaser: Public D3

Public D3

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5 Responses to “Teaser: Public D3”

  • CedarWood says:

    Gorgeous color — like riding a piece of blue sky.

  • Don S says:

    Because virtually everything on these Public bikes is generic, I’m interested to learn how the quality of individual components stands up to scrutiny. The marketing of this company is off-putting in that they keep trying to teach you how to say “focaccia” when you already know damn well how to say focaccia and dip it in oil, etc. Know what I’m sayin? They act like they’ve discovered transpo bikes.

    But hey, if it’s a good bike at a good price and they can learn when to shut up, more power to ‘em.

  • kfg says:

    @Cedar Wood – ‘Tween the wars that color was the “racy” color that red is today.

    @Don S – Have you been reading my comments? :) I may continue to harp on a bit about rediscovering our history and traditions, rather than pretending to have invented them (or pretending the Dutch invented them). I think it’s important.

    If nothing else it’s easier to build on existing culture than it is to start one from scratch, or to force what might be perceived as a foreign culture.

  • Rick Houston says:

    @Don S:

    I understand what you’re saying, Don: I was under the same impression (take a look at my earlier comments on this forum when the bikes were first released) until my wife and I made the trek from Sacramento to San Francisco several months ago to visit their shop; once there, I got the point they’re trying to get across: make the bikes ride well enough and be mechanically proficient to appeal to those of us who are already using bicycles, and make the bikes aesthetically pleasing to those who aren’t, and make them non-threatening at the same time. Oh, and market the bikes in a way to entice both sides. It’s a tough job! :-)

    Disclaimer: I liked the bikes so much, I’m selling them here in Sacramento!

  • randomray says:

    focaccia ? what’s that got to do with bikes ? Or do I want to know ? Sounds like dinner to me .

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