Gallery: Sumehra’s Surly Long Haul Trucker

Surly LHT
Surly LHT

[Sumehra sent us these photos of her husband’s custom LHT. —Alan]

This is my husband’s Surly Long Haul Trucker, which we purchased in 2009 in the “Truckaccino” color with the stock build from our LBS in Atlanta: Peachtree Bikes. Since then, we have had it powder-coated a red-orange color and renamed it to Red Savina, one of the hottest peppers known to mankind. We have also upgraded the saddle to a Brooks Team Pro, added a pair of Shimano PD-M324 SPD MTB Pedals, SKS fenders, Planet Bike lights, a Topeak pump, Pletscher twin-legger kickstand, Cateye Strada wireless computer, a Carradice Super C saddlebag, a Carradice Bagman Expedition support, and a Nitto Saddlebag grip from Rivendell. To top it all off, I added a custom copper headbadge in the shape of a Red Savina pepper on fire, made by Tangerine Treehouse on

We will soon be installing a Bionx PL-350 electric assist system (it is on the way from UPS!)

Thanks for putting this amazing gallery together, and hope you enjoy the photos.


7 Responses to “Gallery: Sumehra’s Surly Long Haul Trucker”

  • Brian says:

    Where did you get custom decals? I’d love to label my surly with something else.

  • Brian says:

    forgot to click notify so i can remember to get the answer

  • sumehra says:

    @Brian – got the decals from It’s nice to be able to make something so stock/generic a one-of-a-kind with such customizations.

    @Alan – thanks for posting this!

  • Todd says:

    I just completed a rebuild of an LHT too and decided to go for a custom powder coat as well! Great to see someone else out there willing to strip a perfectly good powder coat paint job and repaint it! It’s always a good feeling to know your bike is unique in some way. The Red Savina definitely has its own original look. Congratulations and enjoy the Bion X, I’ve heard good things!

  • dweendaddy says:

    I was wondering… what does it cost to get a new paint job. (Of course having a unique bike is priceless!!)
    And how do you find someone to do it if you live in a place that does not have custom bike shops? Do car paint shops do it?

  • Daniel says:

    Very cool. I want my own decals, too.

    To dweendaddy, I’ve done some research and found that powder-coating is actually quite cheap. There are a couple of outfits where I live (Portland, OR) that will do a frame for about $100. I find that fairly reasonable.

    Also, I think this confirms that Surly needs to make a Trucker in a nice, basic red color.

  • says:

    @dweendaddy I think it cost us about $100 (no more than $150) for the paint job. I cannot remember exactly as it has been a couple of years. I just searched for the service on craigslist and found someone who could do it in my area.

    @daniel yes, Surly should definitely make one in red! It makes too much sense.

    @todd he likes the bion-x so far, but it is not getting too much use due to the recent weather.

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