En Plein Air

En Plein Air

4 Responses to “En Plein Air”

  • David Bolles says:


    Are you a fan of U2 by any chance?
    I enjoy some of their music and for me, your photos that have an emphasis on the sky seem like a U2 song could be playing while viewing the photo…
    Just saying…


    what would be funnier is if you didn’t care for them at all!

  • Alan says:

    Hi David,

    Yup. Saw them for the first time in around 1980-81 (pretty sure it was their first tour in the U.S. to support “Boy”). Still going after all these years – amazing.

    Regarding my obsession with the sky, I think it’s mostly due to an incurable sentimental streak that can’t get enough of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. :-)


  • Fergie348 says:

    Alan, the crack in your saddle is showing..


  • David Bolles says:

    Ahh interesting! I love it. When I was in Montana I feel like I took a lot of sky photos…

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